Ittle Dew

Strong and resourceful, Ittle values treasure and adventure above all else. If there's loot to be found, she gladly endures both puzzles and deadly battles to get it. In fact, she may enjoy hitting things a bit too much.


Tippsie tags along with Ittle wherever she goes, providing hints and immoral support. It's hard to tell whether the hints are vague due to a puzzle being too obvious, or too difficult even for a flying magical fox.

Itan Carver

Itan is a friendly shopkeeper who claims to have carved his house out of a toothpick. His magical items are literally worth their weight in gold.

Jenny Rich Monsteur (Frog)

A native of a small mysterious island, guarding the local castle from adventurers. She receives a monthly pile of gold from an unknown benefactor and keeps it in treasure chests, which is just asking for trouble.

Jenny Rich Monsteur (Fox)

We would tell you not to anger Jenny Fox, but it's no good - she's already angry. In fact, she's always angry. You'd better be a good runner when the axes start flying.

Titan de Graphiques

Despite his imposing stature, Titan is friendly, calm and sociable. Or he would be if someone hadn't taped wings to his body - he has a crippling fear of heights.